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Presenting you the Big Boon Men's Ethnic Black Nagra Shoes, meticulously handcrafted to create a truly unique and eye-catching design that will set you apart from the crowd. The Men’s Ethnic Black Nagra Shoes is a fusion of timeless heritage and modern aesthetics. Crafted with care, these shoes are made from only high-quality synthetic leather to ensure durability and comfort. The soft inner lining provides a snug fit, while the sturdy sole offers stability and support for all-day wear. Whether you're attending a wedding, cultural event, or simply want to make a statement with your ethnic attire, these cruelty-free Ethnic Black Nagra Shoes are the perfect choice. Pair them with traditional outfits like sherwanis, kurta-pajamas, or experiment with fusion
ensembles for a truly personalised look.
Care Instructions:
To keep your shoes looking fresh and new, we highly recommend keeping a few things in mind as a shoe owner.
1. Apply a protective spray before going out.
2. Only clean with warm water & hand soap using a wet cloth or shoe cleaner.
3. Store the shoes in a location that is shielded from direct heat and sunlight

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