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Big Boon Men’s Formal Lace Up Shoes are the perfect blend of style & elegance which is crafts by skilled indian artisans. You can take pride in your fashion choices as every shoe from Big Boon is cruelty-free.

Handcrafted with only premium synthetic leather, the lace up shoes boast longevity & durability, making them an excellent investment for your attire. The cushion insoles are reliable enough to provide you comfort during your long working hours. The premium outsole is designed to provide you a ultra fine grip so that you can pave your path to success confidently.

Whether you’re attending a business event or a formal celebration, the Big Boon Men’s Formal Lace-Up shoes are the ideal choice to complete your ensemble. Pair them with chinos, trousers to leave a lasting impression with every stride.

Care Instructions :

To keep your shoes looking fresh and new, we highly recommend keeping a few things in mind as a shoe owner.
1. Apply a protective spray before going out.
2. Only clean with warm water & hand soap using a wet cloth or shoe cleaner.
3. Clean laces separately.
4. Store the shoes in a location that is shielded from direct heat and sunlight

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