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5 Tips for Styling Loafers shoes

Loafers shoes come in a variety of styles and materials, ranging from the casual moccasin to the formal, patent leather tuxedo loafer Some loafers shoes– such as plain leather or penny loafers – transition from casual to dressy, depending on how you style your outfit. Consider the color, pattern and silhouette of your outfit when selecting which loafers to wear. Enjoy incorporating loafers into your wardrobe with some tips on color, shoe style and dress code.Whether you’re wearing formal pants and a blazer or chinos and at-shirt, loafers shoes go great with many different kinds of outfits. Consider the following tips:

Tips for Loafers shoes

Go sockless: You can wear socks with loafers, but it is common not to because they feel like slippers. As such, loafers present the opportunity to show a little ankle between your shoe top and the bottom of your skinny jeans, tights, or wide-leg pants.

Wear to work with a blazer: In the spring and summer, loafers shoes can be a business casual shoe choice that pairs nicely with a light blazer or a tucked-in button-down.

Let the color pop: Loafers shoes can show off their color or they can bring an outfit together (when matching the color of your belt, pocket square, or other accessories).

Rock a bold leather look: Give a casual outfit a taste of high fashion by trying on a crisp t-shirt underneath a leather jacket, matching with similarly colored leather loafers to make the outfit apiece.

Wear them with chinos: Loafers and chinos are a perfect combo, immediately establishing a smart casual look. Pair with a blazer or a band collar shirt for an elegant, simple aesthetic.

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different types of loafers shoes for men

Before we get stuck into the different types of loafers shoes for men, you might want to work out how to wear them. Loafers shoes are made of smooth materials like suede and leather. They’re typically available in a number of darker colours that will happily blend with a wide range of outfits and styles. Indeed, the guy to your left might be rocking penny loafers shoes with shorts and a t-shirt while the guy on your right might be wearing tassel loafers with a linen suit. That said, here are some general guidelines on how to wear loafers:

  • Smart casual is your best bet. Men’s loafers shoes and the smart casual dress code were pretty much made for each other. Both exhibit simple style and class. Just remember that smart casual is usually far more “smart” than it is “casual”. Penny loafers are the most versatile loafer, and you can pair them with most outfits (you could even pair penny loafers with jeans). For tassel and Gucci loafers, think fitted trousers with a blazer and crisp button-downs.
  • Black Tie and Loafers shoes Don’t Mix. If you’re going to wear loafers shoes with a suit, it should be a relatively casual suit, not a three-piece. We’re talking seasonal wear like a tailored linen suit, or maybe a cotton blazer with fitted trousers. With both the loafers shoes and the suit, aim for darker colours, simple details and quality fabrics.
  • Shorts and Loafers DO Mix. A nice pair of khaki shorts, no socks and choice loafers make for a perfect summertime outfit. Throw in a crisp shirt, some killer shades and a clean watch and you’re rolling in style.
  • Keep it Basic. When buying men’s loafers shoes, keep it simple by sticking with materials like suede, and colours like brown and black. Make sure you treat those suede loafers with proper care so they don’t wear down.