BigBoon Nagara Shoes

If comfortable and stylish is what you want to go for, nagara-style shoes are for you. They snug your feet well while being airy. Dance all night long if you have to with shoes, and you will be least bothered with shoe bites or any other discomfort. Nagara shoes come in various materials such as canvas, leather, and more, so you can pick one that works the best for you.

Nagara Shoes

This  shoes is the traditional footwear of north India. Originally made completely of local leather, it developed different styles based on variations in climate, materials and usage of different regions. In the north Indian state of Punjab, this traditional footwear continues to be popular, with Patiala being an important production centre and market for the nagara shoes.

Stylish Shoes

As there are quite some differences between Indian and Western culture, the shoes are different too. So the right shoes to wear with kurta pajama will primarily include Indian footwear like mojris, juttis/nagras, and chappals (slippers). The western formal shoes will work only in the correct setting, with the correct kind of (slim) pajamas and some layering piece over the kurta like a jacket or bandhgala. Many designers are now offering nagara cshoes that match perfectly with your dress.

care of your shoes

What’s great about finding both the shoes and the attire at the same studio is that the embroidery work done on them match perfectly, as they come from the same source. This also means that you get to save ample time on finding and matching a pair of shoes to do justice to such beautiful sherwani sets. These shoes will go very well with both Churidaar as well as Jodhpuri pants and will make you appear all modish at your wedding function.

These sherwani shoes also go very well with Sabyasachi style full floral printed Sherwanis to adorning something plain-jane, converting them into party wear flawlessly! Make a classy appearance at your wedding when you will match these velvet tasselled Nagara shoes with your sherwani suit set inclusive of a velvet Nehru jacket. These loafers are quite a statement maker in themselves that can be worn for a regular day at work, a Sunday informal brunch as well as a part of your wedding attire. Hence, opting for such shoes mean that you will get to wear these regularly, even after the wedding.

There is certain sanctity in wearing hand embroidered shoes by the ingenious Indian artisans. Wearing these sherwani shoes for men will surely bring more poise to your wedding attire, receiving accolades from the crowd and even the bride herself who will complement you for looking the most dapper among all the other men at the party.These pairs are comfortable, sassy and chic. A style tip that we would like to bestow upon you is to invest in a pair of invisible socks which rest below your feet, hiding them from all sides once you will wear the footwear on them.

If you want to go for something safe, comfortable and goes with all kinds of outfits. You can invest in a fine pair of Nagara shoes for your wedding as it is something that you can wear for all sorts of parties and meetings in the future as well as being a good choice as footwear for kurta pajama that you can wear on a wedding celebration. The design of this footwear for kurta pajama is super elegant and works especially well with light colours. You can pair your kurta pajama with such Juttis if you want to embrace your traditional side.