Best Travel Shoes for Men

Preparing for a visit always includes a flurry of lists, packing, and getting your gear squared away. From some days to month-long trips, there’s always the strain of picking just the right items for your journey. A pair of travel shoes could also be the best most important thing you pack.

Travel Shoes for Men

Casual Shoes

These shoes appear as if something between sneakers, basketball shoes, which casual boat-shoe vibe . They work with shorts, jeans, and whatever else I’ve tried them with.

Oxford Shoes

The upper is leather, and therefore the sole is synthetic. this provides a nice combo of water-, stain- and perspiration-resistance, while also having a natural look. Despite how they appear (kind of dressy), it’s fair to classify these shoes as walking shoes.


Sandals are one among the most comfortable walking sandal options for getting around the city or down to the beach. If you don’t plan on doing plenty of hiking, but need something which will cover you on a light adventure, these can work too. I don’t know that they’re the simplest hiking sandal options out there, but they’ll do.

Boots Shoes

Possibly the foremost comfortable pair of shoes (or boots) I’ve ever worn, and therefore the most packable too. Soft, supple leather with a fleece lined inner and an amazingly comfy sole that each one compresses down into nothing.