formal shoes

Formal Shoes

Formal Shoes for men

Good appearance has always been an unspoken rule for any formal event. Though you leave the house thinking that your words will be enough to amaze the crowd, your outfit choice articulates a whole different story. Shoes are one of the most important elements when it comes to dressing up well.

Good shoes instantly confirm your place in everyone’s good books. You always have to keep your fashion game on point, whether it is a party, a wedding, a formal event, or an interview. To speak the truth, especially in an interview.

Interviews are already nerve-wracking, with having to worry about what to wear can be even more exhausting. With practice interview questions circling in your mind, dressing up can be easily neglected.

It is quite clear that an interview demands a formal two-piece suit, but what about the shoes? Undoubtedly they would have to be men’s formal shoes but what would suit you the best? Luckily, by the end of this blog, you will know exactly what to wear!

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Oxford shoe
The most recognizable characteristics of an Oxford shoe are the closed lacing, low heel, and long toe. It comes in four different styles, but the most common style is the Cap Toe Oxford. This style of shoe is most often worn as business attire or for formal occasions.

Oxford shoes are a good starting point when you’re buying a dress shoe. It is a basic shoe that is so versatile that it can be worn almost anywhere. Depending on the color and style, they can be dressed up or down.

formal shoes for men
formal shoes for men

Derby Shoes
Derby shoes are often confused with Oxford shoes. They are quite different once you know their distinct characteristics. Derby shoes, unlike Oxfords, have an open lacing system.

This means that the vamp (section on top of the shoe that covers the foot) splits in half and laces.

The wider, more comfortable lacing makes this shoe more casual. The smooth leather designs give any outfit a polished look. A plain derby is the most versatile option as it can be a formal or casual dress shoe.

Chelsea Boots
These lace less boots are minimal and timeless. They originated in the 19th century and gained popularity in Chelsea in London, which is where they got their name. They have been a classic staple of men’s capsules wardrobes ever since.

Chelsea boots are traditionally made of leather but can be found in suede as well. The silhouette of the boot is the strongest pulling point.

The Chelsea boot is tight-fitting and cut right at the ankle to avoid adding any bulk. The elastic side panel on the shoe gives them a comfortable fit so that you can spend all day in them.

formal shoes for men

Loafers Formal Shoes for men
The origins of the Loafer are a bit fuzzy because there were different variations of the shoe worn throughout many cultures in history. Native Americans wore a similar shoe to the loafer called moccasins. Fishermen in Northern Europe also had a variation of the shoe.

Loafers are versatile slip-on footwear with nine different styles of shoes. Penny loafers are the most versatile type out of the nine categories.

Dress Boot
Dress Boots are slim and have a dressy look that is similar to an Oxford or Derby shoe. They have been in style since the Victorian era and are still a fashionable option worn by many today. They are great shoes to wear during the cold winter months because of their high ankles.

Dress Boots are more on the casual side of footwear and are not recommended to wear with suits or tuxedos. These boots pair well with casual wear like jeans or slacks. They instantly add some sophistication to an otherwise bland outfit.

Tan brogue leather dress boots
Tan brogue leather dress boots
Monk Straps
Monk Straps originated in the 15th century by European monks. They wore this style of shoe while working the fields. Modern-day Monk Straps have single, double, or triple buckled straps across the top of them.

A single strap shoe is the most formal out of the bunch because of the lack of detail which creates a sleeker look. This easy slip-on shoe is more formal than a loafer. Just use a bit of this shoe shine, and you can wear monk strap shoes to formal events.

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